Social ICT Research Center


Masami Hagiya Professor / Center Director


Toshiyuki Nakata Professor / Center Deputy Director


Office of Planning and Strategy

Yasuo Kuniyoshi Professor / Director


Office for Social ICT Project Incubation

Toshiyuki Nakata Professor

 nakata.toshiyuki at

Courses on ICT for next-generation social systems

Toshiyuki Nakata Professor

 nakata.toshiyuki at

Courses on ICT for newly integrated services

Koiti Hasida Professor

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Yusuke Matsubara Project Academic Support Specialist

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Courses on information science of social systems

Takaaki Ohnishi Associate Professor

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Ryohei Hisano Specially Appointed Assistant Professor


Courses on next-generation personal authentication technology (sponsored by Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS)

Kanta Matsuura Project Professor


Rie Yamaguchi Project Associate Professor

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Susuki Hiroya Project Academic Support Specialist

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Kobayashi Ryousuke Project Academic Support Specialist

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Past members

Tam Wai Lok